• Predicting malaria, encephalitis before they get you

    Diseases like malaria and Japanese encephalitis can now be avoided

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  • Monsoon forecasting gets technology punch with use of dynamical models

    Economic times reports:

    BANGALORE: Information about monsoon rainfall is a key input to many farmers, but all they can hope to get in advance is a forecast about the total rainfall for the country for the entire season.

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  • Multi-scale Modeling & Simulation of Carbon Nanocones

    by V Senthilkumar and D Sangamesh

    Nanocones are used in probes for scanning tunneling microscopes, nanoelectronic devices, gas sensors, biosensors and chemical probes. Very few reliable continum modeling of nanocones are available in the literature study.

    Source: Nanodigest, V.4, 1, June, 2012.

  • Estimating Trust Value for Cloud Service Providers using Fuzzy Logic

     by Supriya M, Venkataramana L.J, K Sangeeta, G K Patra

    Cloud computing has garnered popular support in a relatively short span of time. It is a new method of delivering the distributed resources over internet. It reduces capital expenditure as well as operational expenditure. The number of cloud service providers (CSPs) who provide computing as a utility has increased exponentially in the past few years, providing more options for the customers to choose from. In this paper a model for Trust Management based on Fuzzy Logic has been developed, which can help consumers make an informed choice towards selecting the appropriate CSP as per their requirement.


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